Can of pop

The Great Beverage Debate

Can of pop (carbonated beverage)
Can of soda (carbonated beverage)I was born in yankee territory, so as I was growing up, it was a natural thing to call a can of carbonated beverage “pop.”  But when I joined the Marines, I came into contact with quite a few non-yankees.  (Some folks call them “southerners,” but some folks don’t like that term, so I’ll just call ’em “non-yankees.”)  All of a sudden, that can of carbonated beverage became known as “soda.”  After considering the matter, I decided that “soda” was a much better word, so from that day, I buy soda at the store and consider pop a term for an old man.  That’s all well and good until my mother comes to visit.  She’s still a yankee.  When she comes for a visit, the great beverage debate continues.

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