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Clueless Gent’s Favorite Books Response

Asking a book blogger about his favorite books is like asking a chef his favorite foods! Or a mother her favorite child! It shouldn’t be allowed. Nevertheless, I will try my best to answer.

First of all, by professing some of my favorite books, I do not want that in any way to discount any of the the other marvelous books I’ve reviewed and given five stars on this site. That would be completely unfair to the other authors who penned the books that entertained and delighted my reading time.

I will divide my favorites into two groups: famous authors and not-so-famous authors. However, that should not imply that the books from famous authors were any more or less enjoyable than the not-so-famous authors. Lastly, these lists are in no particular order. Okay, here we go:

Famous Authors

11/22/63 Thumbnail Image11/22/63 – Stephen King

Despite being one of the longest books I’ve ever read, topping the page meter at 1,104 pages, I was completely mesmerized with the way King put together this time travel story. I read this a while back, but it was one of the books that cemented a love of historical fiction in my head.

Bill Hodges Trilogy – Stephen King

This is an exciting trilogy to read if you like Stephen King and you like cop stories. I highly recommend that you read them in order. Here are links to my reviews:

Mr. Mercedes
Finders Keepers
End of Watch

Robert Langdon Series – Dan Brown

I enjoyed these books because of all the puzzles and cyphers, as well as the dark side of Christianity.  Again, these can be considered historical fiction in that they blend in a lot about the Roman Catholic Church and some of its secrets.

Tucker Wayne Series – James Rollins

I’ve been a James Rollins fan ever since I stumbled across his Sigma Force Series. If you like action adventures, you’ll love James Rollins. However, this series – sort of a spin-off from the Sigma Force novels, introduces a very interesting character: Kane—a former Army working dog. His handler—former Army Ranger Tucker Wayne—comes along for the ride, but Kane is the real star. Author James Rollins is actually a practicing veterinarian, so who is better qualified to write about the psyche of a dog? Also, Tracker is only a novella at 60 pages. It’s a great intro to the two characters.

Not-so-Famous Authors

The Day the Tide Kept Rising – Greg Jefferys

This is a fascinating story about the effects of climate change. Yes, it’s only fiction, but I think the author did due diligence to make this as realistic at possible. I don’t know if any of it has been corrected, but when I read this book in 2015, it was inundated with SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) errors.

The Man of Legends – Kenneth Johnson

I was quickly drawn in to this story because it was so original. A New York journalist thinks she’s stumbled onto a honest-to-goodness time traveler because she’s identified the same man in photographs spanning multiple generations. But there was another explanation. Identifying it would be a spoiler to potential readers, so I’ll just say that it blew me away!

Aransas Morning and Aransas Evening by Jeff Hampton

These two books are among my very favorites. If you ever want a lesson in the art of storytelling, you should read these two books. The characters are quite endearing, and Hampton’s wonderful way of telling a story just immerses the reader completely. I had the good fortune of speaking to author Jeff Hampton in one of my podcast episodes. I highly recommend it!

Rainbow BridgeDan V. Jackson

If you’ve ever had to say goodbye to a family pet, then you probably know about the Rainbow Bridge. However, Dan V. Jackson takes this concept and runs with it. This is a very heartwarming story about a man and the pets that added so much value to his life. I had the good fortune to interview Dan V. Jackson on my podcast. He revealed that alot of the story is based on his own experiences with his pets.

There are so many other books that really deserve a place on this list. I feel bad for not including them, but if I did try and include them all, I’d never get this post posted! Sometimes I consider myself richly blessed because I’ve had the opportunity to read so many wonderful stories in my life.


I’d like to thank Jullie @ Stepping Stone Book Reviews for coming up with this prompt for Book Blogger Hop.

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