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Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles #1)

Kaleidoscope Book Cover Kaleidoscope
The Vision Chronicles
Chariss K. Walker
February 22, 2014
Kindle Edition

The Vision Chronicles, Book 1

Mike Lewis boldly narrates his fantastical story and confesses his secret: He sees horrifying visions of disturbing future events through a kaleidoscope each time he closes his eyes. He'd like to live a normal life, but an elusive threat prohibits him from doing that. Someone wants to study his mystical ability and they’ll do whatever it takes to further their strange, covert agenda.

The Vision Chronicles eight-book thriller series is a slice-of-life metaphysical/visionary story that details Mike's changing ability as he protects himself, his family, and his friends from those who doggedly pursue him. If you love mind-boggling suspense with a dash of paranormal and a touch of romance, this is the series for you!

Clueless Gent’s Review

Clueless Gent’s Rating

Kaleidoscope is a well-written and engaging paranormal read. Why did I only give it two stars? I’m glad you asked!


Being the responsible reviewer that I am, I won’t just blast an author and leave it at that. I can support my statement.
I thought this was an original storyline. The main character had a unique ability to see a small slice of the future – through a kaleidoscope. It only happened when he closed his eyes, but not when he was asleep. He would see a glimpse of something bad – always bad – and eventually it would come true. He’d usually learn about it on the news. After the event happened, he would close his eyes and a new slice would appear.
The pacing of this story was well done. I was on the edge of my seat several times, but never as much as when I was nearing the climax. Ms. Walker certainly knows how to write and how to engage a reader.
I spent a number of hours getting through this story, and I was right there with the author as she ramped things up for the climax. But then it just stopped! Just like that. THERE WAS NO ENDING to the story! The book ended on a cliffhanger, like television serials sometimes do at the end of the last episode of a season.
This was the first in a new series called The Vision Chronicles. I’m guessing the author ended it like that because she wants me to buy the second book in the series. For all I know, the second book will not have an ending, so I’d have to buy the next book, and so on.
There may be similar marketing ploys out there, but this is the first time I’ve encountered it by an author. It makes me think Walker only writes for the money. I know we all have to live and support ourselves, but I don’t think money should be the reason someone writes.
If this book had a real ending, I would easily have given it at least four stars and written a marvelous review! But when I feel betrayed by an author who’s work I dedicated several hours of my life to, well, I just have to speak my mind.
My typical review summarizes my thoughts of the story, then I expound on something I particularly enjoyed – like a character or a setting – and then I talk about the technical merits of the book. However, since Ms. Walker did not provide a complete story, I see no need to provide a complete review. I have no plans of ever reading another story by Chariss K. Walker, and I hope you don’t either.
These are just my opinions, of course.
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About the Author

Chariss K. Walker Author PhotoChariss K Walker, M. Msc., writes both fiction and nonfiction books that share metaphysical insight gained from over thirty years of study and earning educational degrees… what some would call paranormal occurrences. As a Reiki Master/Teacher she has worked with many individuals to assist in the understanding of their particular gifts.
When asked why she writes the things she writes, Chariss says, “I’ve written about everything… I even dream jokes for specific comedians. Keep in mind, I’m not weird; I’m different and I utilize those differences. Usually I write about the stuff no one wants to talk about. The stuff that isn’t considered polite conversation, such as abuse, rape, incest, death, and grief. The dark and dirty secrets that families keep hidden make my writings dark, very dark. My favorite fiction genres include crime, thriller, paranormal. My favorite nonfiction genres are centered around inspirational and personal growth topics in body, mind, and spirit. Because I’m a wounded healer, I accept the dichotomy, allowing me to write both easily.”
You might find it strange for an author to write such a diverse mixture, but her fiction book characters have superhuman/supernatural/paranormal abilities and gifts. The knowledge about these aspects comes from the study of all things “metaphysical,” a category that can’t be explained by science. For example, there really are “auras” and “chakras” and some people can see them. People do dream “dreams” that come true. “Child-eyes” is a very real state of being. Although her nonfiction books discuss these topics, her fiction books are also filled with insight and in-depth explanations about these mystical abilities. Some characters listen to their inner voice, some see visions, some receive messages, and some experience spiritual transformation.
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