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What About Contentment?

Is contentment such a bad thing?  I’ve been pondering this for the past few days.  The year 2016 is still in its early months, but after having had such a terrible 2015, it suddenly occurred to me that I’m achieving a place of relative contentment with my life.  I’ve been working towards this goal for a few years, but now that I’ve achieved it, I’m wondering whether it’s really a good thing and the place I want to be.

I briefly achieved “contentment” back in 2012.  After a very exhausting climb, I finally got to the top of the mountain.  I sat down and started looking around, enjoying the sights, but then a wind came through and knocked me off the summit.  I started rolling back down the mountain, picking up momentum with every turn, and before I knew it, I was almost back where I started.

I stayed there for some time, completely apathetic to where I was.  Eventually, and for no particular reason, I pulled myself up and began another climb.  I have now reached a plateau, not quite as high as the summit I previously achieved,  but the sights seem just as good.  So, the question is, do I remain where I am – safe and content – or do I continue to climb?

For such a simple question, the analysis is complex.

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