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AUGUST 5 – 11



Clueless Gent’s Switch Reading Genres Response

Man sitting on a bench and reading a book near the seashore.This is a very interesting prompt. There’s a short answer: YES! However, the “why” embellishment is not so short.

I had been a reading snob for most of my life. I liked action novels! They could be great cop stories by Joseph Wambaugh, or great action stories by James Rollins or Dan Brown, or even some weird stuff by Steven King or Dean Koontz. In other words, I only read “names” – famous and well-established authors.

When I joined the Lone Star Book Blog Tours (in association with Lone Star Literary Life) in late 2017, everything changed! Even though the group only accepts books with a Texas connection, such as a Texas author or a story set in Texas, it still opened my eyes to a number of genres that I likely would never have read, as well as a number of authors that may not be as well-known as Steven King, yet write incredibly good stories!

Lone Star LitLife and Lone Star Book Blog Tours logosTo be honest, since I’ve been a member of this blogging group, I rarely read famous authors. I choose Texas authors and Texas books. I have absolutely no regrets about that. Let’s face it, if you like to read, you probably already realize that life is just too short to read all the book that you would like to read! Sad but nevertheless true.

Getting back to the genres question, my reading choices still include action novels, but they also include some young adult, historical fiction (quickly becoming a fav), western, and even a romance or children’s book now and then, among others.

To those of you that only read one or two genres, I suppose my question would be WHY?


I’d like to thank Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer for coming up with this prompt for Book Blogger Hop.

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