Potty Call

Sketch of toiletI don’t know why it is, but whenever I go into the bathroom to make a potty call and spend some time on my throne, my two chihuahuas scamper through the door, often times nearly knocking me off my feet, to sit and watch me do my business.  What is UP with that?

Sometimes they’ll come over for a petting, but usually they just sit there and stare at me.  I’m not intimidated by them or anything – that would be pretty sad – but they just look so… BORED!  They’ve done this so many times, you’d think they’d know there’s nothing to do in there.  And don’t be telling me that dogs have short memories, so they probably don’t remember the last time.  That’s a bunch of hooey!  They don’t go to the vet all that often, maybe twice a year (thankfully), but they sure as hell remember that place!

So, what is it about bathrooms and thrones that is so fascinating to them?  Maybe they like the ambiance?  Maybe they like the smell?  That’s pretty gross.  Maybe they just want to make sure that I don’t fall in.

At any rate, I remain clueless about chihuahuas and potty calls.

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