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Holiday Romance / Country Music Romance / Clean & Wholesome
Publisher: CKN Christian Publishing
Publication Date: October 18, 2022
Page Count: 245 pages
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Finding My Destynee cover.

True heart’s desire cannot be ignored.

Destynee Olsen has always done what her mother asked, but the road to stardom could mean leaving behind a piece of her heart.

Travis Olsen tries desperately to honor his vow to support his wife. Watching their son grow up without a mother is asking too much and his resentment builds. A marriage alone and single parenting is not what he signed up for.

The line has been drawn between a woman who has been told that her destiny to be a star is more important than she is and a cowboy who refuses to destroy his wife’s dream. Destynee and Travis have to decide what’s important. Can they discover the life they were meant to have at the risk of denying their own hearts?


“The dialog brings the story to life, and the stage scenes are intriguing and vivid as Destynee decides just how much fame is worth, and the cost to her heart and family.”
“…an emotional read about a young couple, each trying to survive their marriage. The storyline brings heartache, forgiveness, and reconciliation as God works to bring peace and contentment back to their marriage.”
“Another great read with excellent characters.”
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Clueless Gent’s Rating for Finding My Destynee

4 star rating

Finding My Destynee is a powerhouse of emotions, tinted with the joys of Christmas and Christian values. These authors definitely have a gift for storytelling, and I’m thankful they’re sharing this gift with us readers.

Destynee is a young, small-town Texas girl with a husband and toddler at home. And she has the voice of an angel. Her overbearing mother—Julie Rae—pushes her into a tour of Texas towns in an attempt to live out her own dreams of musical stardom that were crushed by her daughter’s birth. As the weeks of separation from her husband and young son turn into months, and all communication between the couple has stopped, emotions begin to boil in both Destynee and her husband Travis. What follows is a whirlwind of activity that ultimately begs the question: will Destynee and Travis ever get back together again.

I enjoyed the storyline. It wasn’t original, but it was told in an original way, which really makes a difference in my opinion. The three main characters, Destynee, Travis, and Julie Rae, are all developed fairly well, but I would have liked a bit more backstory on Julie Rae, and then a bit more on how Destynee and Travis got together.

I think the authors did a great job with the emotions. The reader never had to wonder what was going through a character’s head (or heart). It was all there.

The book was organized quite well. The POV changed between Destynee and Travis on a chapter basis. Further, most chapters had a little blurb in the beginning telling how many days until Christmas. I think this added a nice touch and made the story more Christmasy.

One thing this story clearly lacks, in my opinion, is sufficient description. The most descriptive line I came across was, “Bright red bows on evergreen wreaths decorated the wooden front doors.” That didn’t appear until the Epilogue. For example, there was one instance when a cold front moved through the area, and in setting the scene they only said it blanketed the brown grass with a dusting of white. That did not immerse me in the scene. Also, any references to the sense of smell were very few. The only one I can recall is the lingering smell of popcorn in a hospital lobby late at night.

I also think this story stretched the limits of believability in some ways. This has everything to do with Destynee’s relationship with her mother and the lack of communication between Destynee and Travis over time. That’s just my opinion.

Overall, I consider this a very good story, and it might just entice me to go back and read the other books in this series. If you enjoy reading emotional stories, then you will love this one!

I received a free copy of Finding My Destynee from Lone Star Book Blog Tours in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.

the Authors

Authors Natalie Bright and Denise F. McAllister Photo

Texas author Natalie Bright writes novels for kids and adults that combine her passion of the American West with a small-town vibe. She calls the wide-open land and endless sky of the Texas Panhandle home, which inspires her work. Her co-author is a Georgia writer and editor. Denise F. McAllister credits a love of horseback riding and 15 years in equestrian showmanship for her heartfelt connection to all things western.

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