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The Republic Series, Book One
Categories: Hispanic American Fiction / Political Fiction
Publication Date: October 26th, 2020
Pages: 394 pages
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To the Republic cover

A novel for our times. A saga for the ages.

On the eve of passing landmark immigration legislation, the entire Texas Senate and its native Tejano leader, Diego Reyes, vanish suddenly from Austin. When news of the disappearance hits West Texas, cowboy Del Woodward isn’t shocked. He knows exactly where the lawmakers are, but he’s not telling. Woody’s been down on his luck, and a shady bargain he’s made puts him tight in the squeeze of Marcos Cepeda, north Mexico’s ruthless drug lord. And Cepeda’s furious with this new stall in the bill. It’s got a loophole he can exploit to add another quarter million square miles of exclusive turf to his cartel—but that territory goes back up for grabs if leader Reyes can’t pass the bill before the Senate session expires in mere days. The brutal kingpin wants what he’s bought and compels Woody to step up. How the cowboy swings the vote isn’t important to Cepeda, but this sure is: if Woody breathes so much as a word of reluctance, it’ll be his last. The prize is Texas, nothing less. It’s real, and it’s on.

The Republic Series launches from true pages of the Lone Star frontera story into a hauntingly modern arena of trade, trafficking, and tradition on the Rio Grande in To the Republic: BOOK ONE.

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Clueless Gent’s Rating for To the Republic

4 star rating

The synopsis for To the Republic says it is, “A novel for our times. A saga for the ages.” I couldn’t agree more!

This story is about three topics that, unfortunately, too many Texans have heard too much about in recent years: Texas politics, drug cartels, and immigration. There’s also talk of a terrorist attack that plunged Texas into darkness by attacking the state’s power grid. There’s also a lot of talk about a big wall being built between Mexico and the United States.

There is tension throughout this book. It is as thick as the best natural honey that Texas has to offer. And it is relentless. I don’t usually pity politicians, but I sure felt empathy for the Texas Legislature in place during the story.

“Texas could get along without the United States, but the United States cannot, except at great hazard, exist without Texas.” —Sam Houston

The main story has to do with a monumental piece of legislation that is so controversial that the entire State Senate “disappeared” from society so they could put together the bill and get full buy-in from both parties. But there are also a few subplots. One has to do with the drug cartels, and two of the others center on undocumented immigrants. Lastly, there is one part of the story – and I’m not calling it a subplot, but it’s very distinct from the rest of the story – where there is a dialogue between a reporter and a subject. We are not told who either of them are, but by the end of Book One, a reader can take some educated guesses.

I consider this story to be very complex, even for a political novel. There is a lot of backstory regarding some of the key characters, as well as Texas history. One thing I liked (but was totally unprepared for) was the “lesson” on immigration issues. After reading this book, I discern that the immigration issue is much more complex than I ever thought possible.

“I’ve got a right-wing State to placate, and a desk in a left-wing capital to do it from.” —Texas Governor Benjamin Block

I think it’s important to point out that this is not a complete story. There is no climax. In a way I feel a little disappointed, but I certainly can’t fault an author that put so much political information in a novel. However, on the plus side, ending Book One where the author does, it gives the reader an opportunity to make some guesses about what’s going to happen in Book Two.

With no climax, there are also no complete character arcs. After reflecting on the story, I think the author needed an entire book to put all the pieces in place. This is a very heavy read – but I have high hopes that Book Two will make it all worthwhile.

I received a free copy of To the Republic from Lone Star Book Blog Tours in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.
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the Author

Bruce Clavey Author Photo

Bruce Clavey of Round Rock, Texas writes with a passion for exploring the Latin heritage tucked in cultural corners throughout Texas, Mexico, and Central America. In 2017, Clavey’s research into perspectives on state history led to his onsite rediscovery of the Mexico City dungeon where the colonial “Father of Texas” was imprisoned, documented in his book “The Inquisition of Stephen F. Austin.” His interest to illuminate compelling historic junctures brought the creation of several feature dramatizations for state museum in-exhibit performance. Clavey’s release of Book One of The Republic Series in 2020 begins the journey of Texas and Mexican characters who confront the pressure points at today’s vibrant river border, a land that has functioned for centuries as both international gateway and barrier.
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