A plate with brightly colored Easter eggs piled on it

Welcome and Happy Easter!

It’s alive! It’s alive!

Hello!  Welcome and Happy Easter!

Well, after months of being deep in the bowels of PHP, CluelessGent.com is finally live!

I was hoping to have more content available for opening day, but that just didn’t happen.  However, as you will see by browsing the pages on the site, I have plans for much expansion.

I want to highlight my plans of showcasing Texas authors.  I have a fondness for all things Texas (except executions, but let’s not go there!), and I will use this site to selfishly show them off.

Please leave me a comment with your initial opinion of the site.  It may not look like much at the moment, but a lot of work went into it.

Have a Happy Easter, and thank you for visiting!

Best regards,

-Michael (aka The Clueless Gent)

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