The Mad Ramblings of a Joker cover

The Mad Ramblings of a Joker

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By Brandon Dillon
Categories: Poetry / Psychology / PTSD / Veteran Stories
Publisher: Paper Airplane Publishing
Pub Date: January 24, 2021
Pages: 156 pages
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The Mad Ramblings of a Joker cover

Poet Brandon Dillon makes his debut with The Mad Ramblings of a Joker, a brutally honest collection full of metaphor and vibrant imagery. His work covers topics such as PTSD, depression, and heartbreak, and softer moments of hope and reflective peace.

His poetry is deep and unforgettable, a beacon for a dark world that needs a friend to say, “I’ve been there. I understand.”

Notable Quotable: "My memories are a burial ground of unmarked graves." from The Mad Ramblings of a Joker by Brandon Dillon.

Top Five List

Top Five Writing Topics
by Author Brandon Dillon

Writing, to me, is a doorway to one’s heart and soul, and I believe everyone should write, even if it’s just for themselves and no one else to see. Below are five things I think people should write about in their lifetime.
1. Trauma. We all experience some kind of trauma in our lives and writing it out is an awesome way to process it.
2. Love. Love is, well love is love and should be written about all the time. Love stories give hope that we can all one day have someone to help us shoulder the burden of life, and that we won’t always have to be alone.
3. Lost love. Lost love is a trauma all in itself and should be written about because we need to process it, and for others to know we all lose love sometimes, but we can always find it again.
4: Despair. Despair is a part of life. We all lose hope sometimes, and it’s in those times we should write what and how we feel, so again others know they aren’t alone, and so when we are able to dig ourselves out of that pit we can look back and say, I survived that, I did that.
5. Oneself. A true, no-holding-back piece about oneself, the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it, all of you. It needs to be done; it needs to be explored to truly know yourself. You have to look hard at yourself. The parts you hide from everyone, the parts you try to hide from yourself, that’s what you need to write.
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the Author

Brandon Dillon Hale Author Photo

Brandon Dillon is an award-winning poet who writes from the soul about his life as a child born into poverty, his travels around the world as a U.S. Marine, love won and love lost, and the trauma that life brings.
If you ask him his biggest accomplishments thus far, he will tell you they are the laughter and tears of the audience as he reads his words on the stage for them. He is amazed when people feel his emotion and in turn show him their emotion.
He has twice performed by invitation, reading his poetry at the FASOLT Fine Arts Expo, and has participated twice in “Color: Story,” a collaboration between poets and visual artists, winning first place in 2019. When he is not working or taking care of his two sons, Brandon frequents open mic readings for poetry and all genres of writing with the group Writespace and performs at open mic and slam poetry events with the group Write About Now, at times reading something he just wrote that day.
He is never far from his notebook, fitting his writing in between shifts at work, kids and homework, and sleeping. Brandon lives in Houston, Texas.

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