Bad 2016

Thank God It’s Over! Goodbye 2016!!

Well, it finally happened!  The year 2016 is officially in the history books.  Thank God for that.  If the year wasn’t challenging enough, on the very last day of the year, I learned that my car will require about $700 in repairs before I can drive it again.  See what I mean about 2016?

In the history of our lives, each passing year is like a chapter in a book.  Each year comes complete with conflict and resolution.  But unlike a book, we cannot edit and throw out what we don’t like.  This book is written in real time.  In the history of my life, 2016 is a chapter I wish I could have edited the hell out of!

2016 had its good points – few as they were.  Each member of my family that was breathing on January 1st was still breathing on December 31st.  My residence remained the same, meaning I managed to hold on to my house.  I began a business that will hopefully bring rewards down the road.  I would like to say that I’m as healthy today as I was a year ago, but that wouldn’t be accurate.

In retrospect, I liken 2016 to a “mudslide” year in my life.  Early in the year it started to rain, torrents of depression and insecurity.  By late spring, things started to slide.  During the last half of the year, I had all I could do to keep my head above the muck.

Once the summer was over, 2016 seemed to come to a rapid close.  I had a good and prosperous Halloween, which is something not typically associated with Halloween.  But then November and December were like a blur.  Maybe that’s because I was so anxious for the year to be over.

At any rate, when midnight struck a few nights ago, I bid 2016 a welcomed farewell, and I embraced the dawn of 2017 and the hopeful beginning of a new chapter!

Happy New Year, y’all!!!!

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