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The New Amazon Delivery Tracking – How Cool is That?

Do you Amazon?  The new Amazon delivery tracking just blew me away yesterday!  Have you seen it?  I was getting an Amazon package delivered yesterday, and I knew it was out for delivery, but when I checked on it in my iPhone app, what I saw made me giggle like a kid with a new toy!

The Change to Amazon Delivery Tracking

If you’ve ordered from Amazon in the past, you know the process is similar to other delivery information systems: you get an alert when the package is out for delivery, and another alert after it’s been delivered.  Amazon has taken their delivery information system to an entirely new level!

Screen shot showing driver is making 4 deliveries before mineWhen I first clicked on the link in the “out for delivery” alert I received, the Amazon app opened on my iPhone.  I first saw that the package was arriving today.  Typical.  But then I saw that the driver only had 4 deliveries before mine.  That was new!  But THEN, I noticed below that notice was a small map.  The map was of my subdivision.  Within the map was a marker showing my house, and another showing the delivery driver.  The map automatically refreshed every 30 seconds.  After it refreshed, the marker for the driver typically moved to show the new realtime location.  If the marker stayed in the same spot for a minute or more, the number of deliveries ahead of mine typically reduced by one.

Screenshot showing driver is on the way to meI was totally enthralled by the app!  I sat there and watched the driver go from place to place, and the number of deliveries ahead of mine go down one by one, until I was the next delivery.  Then I watched the driver icon hop along, in 30 second delays, until the icon stopped in front of my house.  I peeked out the window and sure enough, there was a car out there.

Screenshot showing Amazon item has been deliveredOnce the “delivered” message displayed, the map went away.  I was just beside myself with how cool that was!  In my opinion, Amazon made the delivery of my package more personal.  I didn’t feel like just another random customer.  That’s probably one of the many reasons that Amazon is so successful.  They continue to raise the bar in the online retail industry.

With that being said…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and order something else from Amazon just so I can see that way cool delivery information system again!  Kudos to you, Amazon!

(Note: I really, really wanted to show y’all the way cool map with the icons, but it was just a little too personal for the Internet.  If you really want to see it in action, you’ll just have to order something from Amazon yourself!)

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