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Enemies of Doves

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Shanessa Gluhm
Genre: Historical Fiction / Mystery
Publisher: TouchPoint Press
Publication Date: March 20, 2020
Number of Pages: 324
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Enemies of Doves book cover

Told in alternating timelines from World War II to 1992, debut author Shanessa Gluhm’s Enemies of Doves is a tale of family secrets, jealousy, and deception perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Katherine Webb.

On a summer night in 1932, twelve-year-old Joel Fitchett wanders into an East Texas diner badly beaten and carrying his unconscious brother, Clancy. Though both boys claim they have no memory of what happened, the horrific details are etched into their minds as deep as the scar left across Joel’s face.

Thirteen years later, both men still struggle with the aftershocks of that long-ago night and the pact they made to hide the truth. When they find themselves at the center of a murder investigation, they make a decision that will change everything. A second lie, a second pact, and, for a time, a second chance. In 1991 college student Garrison Stark travels to Texas chasing a rumor that Clancy Fitchett is his biological grandfather. Clancy has been missing since 1946, and Garrison hopes to find him and, in doing so, find a family. What he doesn’t expect to discover is a tangle of secrets spanning sixty years involving Clancy, Joel, and the woman they both loved, Lorraine.

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PRAISE for Enemies of Doves:
Enemies of Doves weaves a timeline of events that makes for compelling reading. It’s an ecological system of interlocking decisions, discoveries, and circumstances that spans some sixty years of love, danger, and revelations.”
—D. Donovan, senior reviewer, Midwest Book Review
“I’ve read some amazing thriller and suspense stories this year, but Enemies of Doves takes the mid-year prize. I’m not one for dual timelines, but this one was perfection with the fifty-year time-span moving forward in tandem. Garrison’s search will cause time to collide, unlocking a lifetime of secrets, and THE PLOT TWIST OF 2020!”
—author Felicia Denise
“hanessa Gluhm is a brilliant writer. I very seldom read a book that I cannot figure out how it will end, but this one literally blew me away!”
—Lori Thomas Harrington, author of The Point


Clueless Gent’s Rating

5 star rating

Enemies of Doves gripped me from the very start: a mystery involving two young brothers in 1932 Texas. After the first chapter it jumps to a prison in 1991. After almost five decades, one of the boys is now in prison, and the other is nowhere to be found. In walks our main protagonist, Garrison, a twenty-something in search of a long lost family member. He’s visiting the only person who may know how to find his possible grandfather.

Over most of the remaining chapters in the book, Shanessa Gluhm deepens the mystery. The storyline from 1932 then jumps to the mid-1940s, just as the Pearl Harbor is bombed. The brothers are older now, but they’ve kept their secret over the years. One brother joins the Marine Corps to fight in the Pacific, and the other brother remains behind to keep tabs on his brother’s fiancé.

This is a coming of age story turned on its head. I’ve never read anything like it.

This may be a debut novel for Shanessa Gluhm, but it’s clear to me it was written by someone who knows how to weave a mystery, and someone who also knows how to keep secrets until the very end. This story had two huge reveals near the end of the story. I’m still reeling from how the author led us through the maze for so long, without giving away anything that would give us a hint at what followed.

The pacing was solid. Each of the two stories had a pace that was maintained throughout, with ample escalation to the climax. The character arcs were also huge. All the main characters had tremendous arcs. It was all done very well.

Speaking of characters, this story had several. It was just enough for me to keep up with everyone. Typically I would like to see a few more quirks in the main characters. However, the excellent mystery and storyline more than made up for it.

If you enjoy a good mystery, you need to read this story. This was one of my best reads this year.

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the Author

Shanessa Gluhm Author Photo

Shanessa Gluhm works as a librarian at an elementary school in New Mexico, where she lives with her husband and children. It was during her own elementary days when a teacher encouraged Shanessa to write and share stories with the class. She hasn’t stopped writing since. Enemies of Doves is her debut novel.

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