The Rainmaker Cover

The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker Book Cover The Rainmaker
John Grisham
Dell Publishing Company
October 27, 2015

Abandoning his aspirations about living the good life, Memphis attorney Rudy Baylor fears he will lose everything in the face of a pivotal case that could cost him his life or turn him into the biggest rainmaker in the land. Reissue. A best-selling novel.

Clueless Gent’s Review

This was a wonderful read!  It was quite the page-turner.  Actually, this is the novel that turned me into a Grisham fan.

I typically give a four star rating to a book that I very much enjoyed reading. I reserve the five star rating for those books that really blow my literary socks off! In my humble opinion, The Rainmaker is such a book. This was only my second Grisham novel (Gray Mountain was the first), so I do not profess to be any authority on this author. However, I know what I like, and this novel had it all.

The story, in itself, was very captivating. Most protagonists are underdogs to begin with, but I think Grisham took it to a new level with this one. Further, I think most readers will be able to personally relate to Rudy Baylor. We all have our Goliaths. To me, the characters seemed very real and believable.

Great job, Mr. Grisham – you entertained me immensely!

(If you read the book and then see the movie, you’ll be disappointed in the movie.  But don’t be too hard on the director.  There’s only so much you can do in two hours.  If you see and movie and then see the book, even though you’ll have an idea of how it ends, it will still be enjoyable.)

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