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A Time to Fly!

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Diann Floyd Boehm
Illustrated by Nancy Hoover
Children’s Picture Book
Publisher: Texas Sisters Press
Publication Date: August 2, 2022
Pages: 28 pages
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This baby bluebird will capture your heart as he shares with his momma why he doesn’t want to leave the nest and join his siblings.

The momma listens to her baby bird and, with gentleness, helps him build the courage to fly and join the rest of his family.

So come along for the journey and become excited for the baby bird as he discovers he can fly and soar through the sky.

It is a heart-warming story and beautifully illustrated with a powerful message of “I Can Do It.”

Have you ever been scared to do something? A Time to Fly! By Diann Floyd Boehm - Get Your Copy

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Clueless Gent’s Rating for A Time to Fly!

4 star rating

A Time to Fly! would be a fine addition to any home library. This book is perfect for those parents who like to read to their toddler-ish children.

The story, which is very short (28 pages), shows the technique a mother bird uses to get her last baby bird to finally leave the nest. The illustrations in this book are marvelous and plentiful. There is an illustration that takes a full page on every two-page spread. Props to illustrator Nancy Hoover for some eye-catching artwork.

The entire story takes place within one moment in time. In other words, this is not a day-after-day type of story. There is only one scene from beginning to end. It’s a very simple tale. The birds have no names. There is the subject baby bird, Mother, Father, Brother and Sister. I think this is fitting for the intended audience.

All dialogue is appropriate for the targeted age group; however, quotation marks are inconsistently and incorrectly used, and there are some grammatical errors. While a toddler couldn’t care less about proper grammar and punctuation, the errors cause confusion for the reader, especially where there are multiple speakers within one paragraph. Some may not mind or notice the errors, but it’s important to me.

Overall, if I had toddlers at home, I would happily share this story with them several times.

I received a free copy of A Time to Fly! from Lone Star Book Blog Tours in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.

the Author

Diann Floyd Boehm Author Photo

Diann Floyd Boehm is an award-winning international author, community volunteer, humanitarian, and former classroom teacher. She is passionate about storytelling. She has nine published books for children and young adult historical fiction. Diann is the cohost of four shows on USA Global TV. She is married, a mother of three, and has one grandchild. She loves to help young and old to Embrace Imagination!
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