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A Distance Too Grand

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(American Wonders Collection, Book One)
Genre: Historical Fiction / Christian Romance
Publisher: Revell
Date of Publication: October 1, 2019
Number of Pages: 384
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A Distance Too Grand book cover

Meg Pero has been assisting her photographer father since she was big enough to carry his equipment, so when he dies she is determined to take over his profession–starting with fulfilling the contract he signed to serve on an Army survey of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in 1871. What she doesn’t realize is that the leader of the expedition is none other than the man she once refused to marry.

Captain Ben Coleridge would like nothing more than to leave without the woman who broke his heart. He can’t afford to be distracted during this survey, which is a screen for another, more personal mission, one he cannot share with any member of his team.

As dangers arise from all sides–and even from within–Meg and Ben must work together to stay alive, fulfill their duties, and, just maybe, rekindle a love that neither had completely left behind.

“Five stars is not a rating I usually bestow. But Regina Scott’s A Distance Too Grand merits it. Lively, realistic, engaging characters. A compelling and intriguing plot with life and death consequences kept me turning pages. I hated to put the book down.”
— Lyn Cote, Carol Award-winning author
“Adventure, danger, and romance in a wonderful, fresh setting: the Grand Canyon of 1871. Readers will find much to love.”
— Julie Klassen, bestselling author
“Regina has done an excellent job of bringing the setting and characters to life. I could see and feel the canyon and picture the characters going about their tasks. A balance of mystery, romance, and adventure with enough factual information that I almost felt I could take over for the heroine. I highly recommend this book.”
— Linda Ford, award-winning, fan-favorite author of the Glory, Montana series
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Book meme: "This country's going somewhere," he had said, gleam in his eyes as if he could see what lay ahead. "I'm going to help."

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Clueless Gent’s Rating

4.5 star rating

A Distance Too Grand is a perfect example of why historical fiction is one of my favorite genres. Regina Scott took an event that actually happened – in this case, surveying the Grand Canyon, and made the event completely her own. In my opinion, it takes an especially gifted writer to do that. But Scott was up to the task!

This story managed to hook me early. First, the Grand Canyon is probably one of the most majestic sights I have ever personally seen, but more so because the main character – Meg Pero – has something to prove, and she starts the story with a disadvantage simply because she’s a woman.

The Characters of A Distance Too Grand

In addition to Meg Pero, Captain Ben Coleridge is the other half of the protagonist team. Captain Coleridge will be commanding the Army’s survey team, and Meg will be fulfilling her recently-deceased father’s contract with the Army to photograph the canyon. However, when Meg show’s up just as the expedition is about to begin, she is surprised to learn that Ben – a former love interest – will be the leader. Although both Meg and Ben try to be professional about the situation, Regina Scott quickly locks in this subplot.

Yes, this story has a fair amount of romance, but that doesn’t – in my opinion – take anything away from the grandeur and the adventure of the survey team’s mission.

We also have Dot Newcomb and her husband, Hank. Dot is the only other woman on the team. Her job was to fix the meals. Hank’s job was to do the mapping of the canyon. Their marriage was rock solid at the beginning of the expedition.

The character arcs were well done, yet not as predictable as you may initially think. That’s a good thing.

Technically Speaking

This book was well edited. I didn’t make note of any SPAG problems.

The pacing was also on point. I enjoyed the way Scott wove in the elements of danger throughout the expedition. I also thought the increasingly prominent element of faith was injected very skillfully, and the Bible references were all appropriate. As with the other elements in this story, the build to the climax was very well done.

I recommend this story to anyone needing some grand adventure in their minds!

I received a free copy of this book from Lone Star Book Blog Tours in exchange for my honest review.

Book Meme: She loved the trade she'd been baptized into, the way the world opened through the lens of her camera.

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Regina Scott Author Photo

Regina Scott is the author of more than 40 works of warm, witty historical romance. Her writing has won praise from Booklist and Library Journal , and she was twice awarded the prestigious RT Books Reviews best book of the year in her category. A devotee of history, she has learned to fence, driven four-in-hand, and sailed on a tall ship, all in the name of research. She and her husband of 30 years live south of Tacoma, Washington, on the way to Mt. Rainier.
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Book Quote: "Some had called her work art, but this, this was TRUE ARTISTRY, humbling her with its majesty.

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